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Shooting Disciplines shot at the DCTC

Clay Target Shooting is a vibrant, exciting and rewarding sport suitable for all age groups and abilities. It is an ideal way to develop skills, hand/eye co-ordination, sportsmanship and to help improve hunting skills.

Whether you just want to have some fun or wish to compete at a higher level, then Clay Target Shooting is a fun, active sport. Anyone can participate no matter what age or fitness level. Competitions are very social and often involves some healthy rivalry amongst friends.

Clay Target Shooting is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport. Three types of Clay Target Shooting are shot in the Olympics, Olympic Skeet, Olympic Trap and Olympic Double Trap. They are varieties of the disciplines which we shoot at Dunedin.

Some of the Shooting Disciplines shot at the Dunedin Clay Target Club:


Skeet is shot on a semi-circular layout featuring eight shooting stations. Targets are released from separate traps (a high and low house) 40 metres apart, and the shooter gets one shot at each target. Single or double targets are thrown for at least 55 metres from the high or low house on either side of the range. The targets travel at speeds of up to 100kmh and a round consists of 25 targets.

Skeet Field
Skeet Field

Down The Line (DTL) or Trap

DTL targets are thrown from a trap situated in front of the shooter. There are five lanes set from 11 to 25 metres from the traphouse and shooters take turns shooting from each of these lanes. The targets are released going away from the shooter at various angles, and the shooter doesn't know which direction the target is travelling until then. Generally two shots are allowed at each target.

There are variations on DTL shooting including Double Rise where two targets are released at the same time, Single Barrel where only one shot is allowed, Points Score where points are awarded depending whether 1 or 2 shots are used to break the target and Ball Trap where targets are released at different angles as well as height.

Down The Line (DTL) or Trap Field
Down The Line (DTL) or Trap Field

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is a form of shooting where targets are thrown to represent the quarry that hunters would normally shoot in the field. The targets can be thrown from slow to fast speeds in varying heights and directions. Different types of targets and colours can be used from small "Bees" to "Rabbits" which are run along the ground, "Springing Teals" which climb vertically and "Battues" which turn at the end of their trajectory. Targets can also be thrown as pairs, either at the same time or one after the other, and often from different traps. Sporting Clays is often referred to as "Golf with a Shotgun" and is a great way to get your eye in for game bird hunting by shooting a variety of targets.

Sporting Field
Sporting Field

Compak Sporting

Compak Sporting is a "cut down" version of Sporting Clays which is generally laid out over a Skeet or DTL field and uses a combination of Sporting, Skeet and Trap targets shot from 5 different stations.

Compak Sporting Field
Compak Sporting Field

If your now keen to have try at any of the above disciplines in Dunedin Contact Us.